A satirical stab at rich white male privilege using laundry as currency.
A metaphorical play on the iron as an iconic symbol of women's work, the lyrics of this track explore the notion of falling in love with our own technology, our own liberation and not caring what the neighbours think!
This June 2018 The Ironing Maidens are coming to a laundromat near you with their live, electronic music performance.

The Ironing Maidens, performing at Lismore Clean and Green Laundry. May 2017

5 min version- interviews only

Full Version 14 mins- about the project, interviews with laundromat owners and audience

In January 2018, the Ironing Maidens toured to regional NSW laundromats. We were kindly supported by The Australia Council for the Arts and Create NSW. These are some of our favourite moments from the journey.
Interviews with the laundromat owners and audience from the Ironing Maidens NSW Laundromat Tour