New Single - Lighten my Load (March 2019)

Known for engineering their electronic instruments from real irons and ironing boards, The Ironing Maidens don’t beat around the bush on this fresh-pressed track with a clear message on gender disparity in domestic labour. “Think old-school electro trash meets frustrated house wife, with catchy beats and a satirical spin on an important issue," said the duo's singer-songwriter, Melania Jack.

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EP Release (June 2018)

The Hot New EP from the Ironing Maidens! Stream it now on Spotify!

“From the techno banger of the title track to the ambient synthesis of ‘The Dangers of Ironing’, The Ironing Maidens have brought the invisibility of women’s work and influence [in the industry] to the forefront”


“As if turning a cruel stereotype into a piece of art wasn’t enough, The Ironing Maidens are rocking inventive sounds and inspirational girl power.”



Single Release (April 2018)

An ironic love song for the lusty westinghouse set against a kicking 4 to the floor drum beat, a kooky lead line and samples from 1950's advertising. Using a metaphorical play on the iron as an iconic symbol of women's work, the lyrics explore the notion of falling in love with our own technology, our own liberation and not caring what the neighbours think.

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Stay tuned for the music film clip coming soon!

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Single Release (Jan 2018)

The new single, Electro Housewife is the first from The Ironing Maidens upcoming debut EP dishing out a floor happy house style drum beat with a driving 303 style bass pattern reminiscent of early Chicago house...with a housewife twist.

"We've used samples from actual ads run in the 1950s, which were all aimed at enticing women into the role of housewife," said Melania.

"In the 1950s this concept of 'women's work' was advertised heavily and women were expected to take it on happily - meanwhile the never ending nature of housework, the lack of recognition for the work and the physical exhaustion took it's toll on women's physical and mental wellbeing. Not enough has changed since the 1950s."

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