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Hello Ironing Friends!

I know you have heard a lot from us lately with the tour, an EP and a music film clip coming out all right now in June... Life is busy when you are trying to iron out the wrinkles in the krinkly old patriarchy!

We wanted to say thanks for all the shares lately, and likes, and comments - we really appreciate the conversation with you, and it's great to hear peoples thoughts on the topics of ironing, domestic labour, gender roles and technology - so much to talk about! We love getting to meet you at our shows and on social media.

We have something new and exciting for you! We are planning to record a whole album of ironing tracks in August this year so if you are interested in getting involved, putting in your two cents, tuning into our creative process, learning a bit about production and recording for your own projects AND even getting a credit on the album - now you can.. for $2 you can become an Ironing Maidens Patron! 

Lets press for progress together!