In February 2019. The Ironing Maidens performed as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Here is what it looked like! A great little laundromat on Melbourne Street in North Adelaide. Amazingly this laundromat happens to have a recording studio and band rehearsal rooms out the back! Matt, our laundromat owner was super friendly and a wonderful host who is quite connected to the local music scene. These images are from the Friday night, you can see Bec -our merchandise person as well as some of the competitors in the ironing competition. On Friday night we performed to an audience of 40 people.

Later that Friday night we performed at the fringe club which is the central hub of the Adelaide Fringe. We performed a 20 minute set to an approximate audience of 200 plus people.

Saturday night was a busier and more lively audience. We performed to a laundromat audience of 57 people. Bill from Adelaide Hills Radio came along to review the show and run an interview with us to be aired the next week.

We were very thrilled to win the John Chataway Innovation Award

In memory of John Chataway, Deputy Chairperson on the Adelaide Fringe Board who sadly passed away in 2010. This award is presented to the production which best demonstrates innovation, originality, and excellence within its art-form or in the arts in general. John was an accomplished Director who specialised in creative strategies for combining digital technologies with a broad range of communication channels.

John Chataway Innovation Award.jpg

We felt that this festival was a great format for our site specific show, and we would apply to perform again next year. The biggest point of difference with this festival is their Honey Pot Program which connects artist and delegates. The program had not fully kicked in during the week we were there, however we were contacted by one delegate from Hong Kong who has requested that we perform at the opening of a new art house cinema later in the year.

We look forward to returning to the Adelaide Fringe Festival again next year!